SU.YEON is a New York based high-end brand by designer Suyeon Kim. Particular embellishment techniques, architectural silhouette, creative construction and vibrant color palette are the keywords of SU.YEON. With the fusion of Oriental mood and contemporary fashion, Suyeon explores an excellent balance between a sense of Asian Art and exceptional draping. 


Suyeon Kim has graduated BFA from Fashion Institute of Technology. Previously, She has worked with Jason Wu and upon graduation, was selected as a top talented student to showcase her collection on F.I.T graduation show called 'Future of Fashion' show. In 2016, Suyeon was the best designer of FIT from Fusion Fashion Show and collaborated with Designow as a prize. Before her career in Fashion Design, Suyeon specialized in Korean Traditional Art. Although She was very talented as a curator and a painter, she always has the passion for fashion to give a considerable change in her life. 


"My fondness for clothes is not the only reason I want to do fashion design. Clothes are a tool for self-expression. As a worthless stone becomes shinier by continuously cutting the surface, everyone has the right and the ability to become beautiful with the right techniques. I want to provide an easy way for women who are not satisfied with their looks to feel better, to feel proud and beautiful. I get inspirations from the unique things that come from different approaches to various materials, whether it’s through architecture, painting, sculpture, or nature. Also, a fusion of different cultures always inspires me and opens up a unique pathway to the fashion world. I want people to feel happiness and satisfaction through clothes I make for their daily life. "

-Suyeon Kim-


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